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Create a customizable, animal-proof protection zone for your fruits and vegetables. Traditional deer fencing (or garden netting) looks messy and does not allow easy access to your plants. It also rarely lasts beyond one season, requiring you to continually purchase bamboo stakes and fabric netting that will deteriorate in the elements.  The gated stainless-steel frame and heavy-duty rigid plastic mesh is built to last and won’t flop, rust or rot. Easy-access gate makes it simple to tend to your garden with no leaning or reaching. Our Stack & Extend Animal Barrier has a 5-year warranty.

Each Frame It All Stack & Extend Animal Barrier kit will protect a 4ft. x 4ft. garden to a height of 2 feet. Small animals like rabbits, cats and dogs are easily deterred at the 2-foot height. Purchase multiple kits to expand to any dimension, or stack to any height.

Frame-it-All Animal Barrier

With multiple kits, your options (and benefits) are endless. Stack them high to grow tomatoes or corn, and you’ll also enjoy the additional support our rigid frame provides for your tall (and top-heavy) plants. Next season, if you want to plant a low-growing crop like strawberries, you’ll have several kits to use to extend for a long row of berries. The stable frame will allow you to easily connect bird netting over the top to keep birds out too.

Did you know? Deer are known to avoid jumping into tight enclosed spaces. With traditional deer fencing the method is usually to fence the perimeter of your yard. Deer can take a running leap with plenty of room to land on the other side. By protecting only the plants you need, it is less likely deer will attempt to jump into the enclosure.

Protect Your Garden from Animals and Children

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