At Homegrown Harvest, we know many people think about starting a garden but they don’t know where to begin or think don't they have the time. We are committed not only to bringing our customers a wide array of simple solutions to make beginning a garden easy but also be a resource of information of how to start and care for your garden. 

One of the most important things is having a garden that is made of quality material that is easy to work with.  No one wants to spend all their time building their garden or fixing garden beds that only lasted a couple of seasons.
We have a selection of raised bed garden kits to choose from that we have personally installed and used in our own gardens.

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Time should be spend enjoying the process of gardening which has been shown to have a myriad of health benefits.  Scientific studies have shown that gardening helps lower people’s risk of heart attack and stroke up to 30% , as well as lowering people’s risk of dementia by 36% and reducing the likelihood of vitamin D deficiency in some people.  Gardening is an outdoor activity that lets people connect with the earth and themselves. Type your paragraph here.

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We are full supporters of the Safe Seed Pledge.   All seeds offered on this website are pure heirloom non-hybridized varieties that are free from genetic engineering. 

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